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    Saugus Shooting - We are here to Support

    By BOD 11/14/2019, 12:15pm PST

    We're heartbroken by the events that happened this morning at Saugus High School.

    The dozens of texts and calls we've received from teachers, students and parents remind us that life is delicate - and that when the worst happens, we need to be our best for each other.

    We know that in the coming days and weeks, our community will be struggling to come to peace with our new normal.

    We want you to know that your FFSC family is here for you.

    Come in if you need to talk.

    Come in if you need a hug.

    Come in if you don't want to be alone.

    Send your kids in.

    FFSC has always been a place of community and healing - and that is more true today than ever.

    You're in our hearts, Santa Clarita - and we're praying with and for you.

    With Love,

    The FFSC BOD

    Hold'em or Fold'em for a great Cause~

    More information to follow soon. We hope to see you there!

    FFSC G2004 Premier Team finishes in 4th place

    By LP 11/11/2019, 11:15am PST

    Futbol Foundation of Santa Clarita’s Girls 2004 team coached by Robert Correa and assistant coach Kevin Durkin completed the team’s first season playing in Coast Soccer League’s Premier level.  This is the highest level in CSL and the first season a team from FFSC has been represented. 

    After a slow start dealing with injuries to multiple players and not having their top scorers, the girls were sitting in last of 10 teams after 4 games.  Although not fully healthy, the team got near a full squad and finished the season unbeaten in their last 6 games, including league cup play.  The girls persevered throughout the season even during a game going to a 3rd keeper after losing 2 keepers within 5 minutes of the first half.  The team finished the season in fourth place and with the second most goals scored in the 2004 Girl’s Premier Level. 

    FFSC G04 RC girls (Kendall, Jessica, Kaelin, Gisselle, Savannnah, Laurel, Brianna, Addison, Audrey-Alane, Reiss, Alyssa, Emily, Julia, Italia and Natalie) continue play on Saturday 11/16 in CSL’s League Cup Elite 8.  Good luck girls and congrats on representing the club at the highest level.


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